Mark EndlichGeneral Information
My name is Mark Endlich and I am the managing Director of The Production Masters (TPM).
Since 1980 I have been engaged in the Concert and Event field as Tour- and Company manager, Production manager and as Site coordinator. Up till now I have worked under the name Mark Endlich Services.

Since January 2000 I have started a collaboration under the name "The Production Masters" with a small number of colleagues. All of the participants have gained enormous experience, each in his own field, with national as well as
international productions, and all of them have the same attitude and dedication with regard to their work. As a result of this collaboration we are able to always put on the suitable and most experienced person for each particular production. All our present clients appreciate this way of working.

TPM is a full-service company and can therefore take care of the production from the beginning to the end. TPM is a completely independent company. Unlike many of our competitors we are not committed to particular rental companies. On the other hand we have excellent contact with several suppliers and as a result we are always able to put together a production which is especially geared to the situation and the budget in question. This way clients of TPM get the most competitive rates and the best service.

We take care, if so desired, of a full service package with among other services:

Site management
Production management
 Company management
Tour management
Staging and Set design
Technical support
Planning and Budget
Lights & Sound
Carnets and Permits
Hotel reservations
Trucking and Logistics
Event planning
Construction drawings (CAD)
Touring Crew
Health and Safety Reports